What to eat in Melide

In a region such as Galicia, where numerous localities are famous for their gastronomic specialties, Melide is high on the list of foodies since it features the best of inland Galician cuisine. Octopus is the star product, while the municipality’s rural nature provides the best meat and garden produce; the town is also proud of its two-hundred-year-old confectionery tradition. Visit Melide with an appetite because these are some of the delicacies that you should not miss:

“Pulpo á feira” (Galician-style octopus)

Every pilgrim coming to Melide has heard of its “pulpo á feira.” There are several mythical establishments where you can enjoy this Galician dish par excellence, with both traditional and innovative options.


Melide produces two types of Galician cheese that have a protected designation of origin: “Arzúa-Ulloa” and “Queixo de Tetilla,” both made from cow’s milk. Do not leave without trying the local “tarta de queso” (cheesecake) and, if you want to do as the locals, a characteristic way of ending a nice meal is enjoying cheese and honey or quince (along with “café de pota” or pot coffee).

“Melindres,” “almendrados” and “ricos.”

Melide’s confectionery is renowned throughout Galicia, due to the time-honoured recipes of these three artisanal desserts. The “Festa do Melindre” has been designated a festival of Galician tourist interest and is held every second Sunday in May. Do not forget that “ricos” –biscuits made with shortening, flour, eggs, sugar and anisette– can only be found in Melide.

“Cocido” (Galician stew) and “lacón con grelos” (ham foreleg and turnip tops)

These are another two specialties that must be included in the best of Galician cuisine and here they are made with top-quality, great-tasting ingredients thanks to the area’s stockbreeding and agricultural tradition. They are hearty dishes that help you bear the coldest months of the year.

“Empanada” (Galician pie)

Another Galician classic for which Melide’s bakeries are famous.